Generally speaking, veterans receiving VA disability compensation may work — even if they receive a 100% schedular disability rating. For most veterans that receive standard VA disability compensation, the government does not limit the Veteran’s earning potential simply because the Veteran receives VA disability compensation. However, this advice does not apply to veterans that receive VA disability compensation under certain programs.


Some Veterans Cannot Work While Receiving VA Disability Compensation

Most notably, Veterans that receive Total Disability Due to Individual Unemployability (“TDIU”) may not maintain a “substantially gainful occupation.” This is a legal term that means, in effect, any job that pays more than the federal poverty guidelines. There are some exceptions to this rule that allows veterans to work in protected environments and to work for a limited time to “test the waters” of the veteran’s ability to work. However, by and large, veterans that receive TDIU can expect their benefits to be reduced if they begin to work. A veterans law attorney can help you determine whether your employment may interfere with your VA benefits.

Some disabilities and categories of special monthly compensation require the veteran to be unable to work as a prerequisite to receiving benefits. However, the facts of your specific case will determine whether you are able to work while receiving VA disability compensation. In some instances, your decision whether to work may affect your eligibility for other VA benefits, such as Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are a disabled Veteran considering employment, an accredited representative can advise you of your options.

If you have questions about your eligibility for VA benefits, Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions, PLLC, offers free consultations on your VA benefits appeals. Please contact a veterans benefits attorney to determine whether the facts of your case permit you to work while receiving VA disability compensation.



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