During Veteran’s Day Weekend 2017, the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center reportedly cancelled at least nine surgeries as a result of concerns over the safety and sanitation of some surgical equipment. Although VA claims no patients were harmed, some Veterans that obtain healthcare from the DC VA Medical Center are concerned that VA has not taken appropriate action to rectify this situation.

As a result of this report and concerns raised by DC Veterans, Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions, PLLC, began investigating VA’s response to this controversy. The firm has filed information requests, and intends to continue to seek information regarding this controversy and attempts to rectify the problem. Veterans deserve to know whether their healthcare providers are properly managing their facilities.


Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions Seeks To Obtain Information Regarding VA’s Response to These Cancelled Surgeries

In December 2017, Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request with the DC VA Medical Center to obtain “all written materials, policy letters, training manuals, PowerPoint presentations, emails, or any other documents distributed to any and all Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center employees, management, or other representatives or agents from any ‘VA national administrators.’” Although a VA spokesperson told NBC4 in Washington, D.C. that all cleanliness and sanitation problems had been rectified at the DC VA Medical Center, Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions hopes to scrutinize VA’s response to this controversy. Veterans being treated at this facility have a right to know that their medical providers have taken appropriate action to ensure this incident is not repeated.


The DC VA Medical Center Must Respond to Requests for Information in February 2018

Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions expects the DC VA Medical Center to use all available time to respond to this request. The FOIA affords VHA with up to thirty working days, or until February 6, 2018, to respond to the firm’s FOIA request. If no response is received, the firm will appeal to the VA Office of General Counsel. Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions will continue to update you with the results of this investigation, including any attempts to block access to these records.


Do you have experience with VA abruptly cancelling a surgery or other procedure? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

If you would like further information about this investigation, or if you have a tip for a problem that needs to be investigated, please contact Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions today.

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