Our Mission

Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions, PLLC, exists to ensure every Veteran receives every one of their VA benefits as quickly, and with as little cost, as possible. Simply put, the Firm holds the government accountable to the square deal promised to all disabled Veterans. Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions provides the highest-quality advocacy for Veterans and their families that need assistance with fighting for VA benefits. Jonathan’s top priority is to make veterans law issues understandable for everyone that must appeal, and to help obtain benefits for Veterans as quickly as possible.


The Firm believes obtaining VA benefits should not require the assistance of an attorney. Veterans benefits law is supposed to be simple, however it is often challenging, complex, and confusing. This is especially true if the Board of Veterans Appeals denies your claim. Because having an experienced advocate presenting your case often drastically increases your chances of success, this Firm was founded to make veterans law easier for Veterans and their families. Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions stands ready to help you with the difficult issues standing in the way of having your VA claims granted.

Let Veteran Esquire Legal Help You With Your Veterans Law Issues

Jonathan aims to create an atmosphere of partnership with all of his clients — we are in this fight together.  If you contact the Firm and it is unable to represent you, the Firm can help you find a representative who can help you. The Firm exists solely to serve those who have served.

Please contact Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions, PLLC, or call 1-800-679-0791 to schedule a free consultation with a veterans law attorney today. If you are appealing a VA Benefits claim, please consider allowing Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions to partner with you in your fight for the benefits your rightfully deserve.