Receiving a denial letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) is often a stressful experience. Denial letters often contain jargon and legalese that is confusing and difficult for many Veterans to understand. Also, there are important filing deadlines that must be followed if the denied Veteran wishes to appeal the denial. Although the government does not require you to hire an attorney when appealing VA benefits claims, the assistance of a skilled advocate can improve your experience and chances of success when appealing denials of VA benefits.

Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions, PLLC, represents Veterans from across the Nation in appeals for VA Benefits. Although one of the Firm’s core values is a belief that it should not require the assistance of an attorney for Veterans to obtain VA Benefits – the system should be simple and “Veteran-friendly.” However, we understand that oftentimes the system is complex, and the assistance of an attorney is sometimes needed. Attorneys can help you identify relevant evidence and other benefits which, in turn, could increase your monthly awards.

An accredited attorney can help you identify and produce the correct evidence needed to win you claim for VA benefits.

When you hire Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions, PLLC, to represent you in your VA benefits appeals, your attorney will identify the core legal reasons for the denial of your claim. Next, your attorney will help you find and produce the evidence needed for VA to grant your claim. Evidence could be a witness statement, photographs, maps, timecards, or anything else that might be relevant. The only limit is your representative’s imagination. If you need an expert medical, psychological, or vocational opinion, some firms allow you to reimburse the firm for these expenses from your accrued benefits award. In other words, if VA grants your claim, you can repay the firm from your “backpay.” When fighting the VA, it helps to have a trained litigator on your side. You should not fight the VA without the assistance of a skilled advocate that has identified the best evidence.

Accredited attorneys can help you identify other benefits you may be entitled to receive.

Attorneys are trained to review large quantities of information while spotting complex legal issues. To maximize your benefits, your attorney will determine if you might qualify for additional benefits. Also, your attorney may help you determine if you qualify for other federal benefits, like Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”). Discovering additional benefits from VA and other federal agencies could help you increase your monthly awards.

One thing an attorney or representative cannot do is speed up your wait time. Unfortunately, there is a huge backlog of VA Benefits claims and appeals. Many Veterans are waiting several years for their claims to be decided. Although hiring an attorney will not make your wait time any less, hiring an experienced Veterans Law attorney may help you maximize your chances of success when it is your turn for VA to decide your claim. Statistics show that claimants represented by an attorney are denied at lower rates than other claimants before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the Board of Veterans Appeals

If you are considering hiring a representative for your VA Benefits appeal, please consider Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions, PLLC. Please contact the firm to schedule a free consultation today. The firm stands ready to join you in your fight for VA benefits today!

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