To ensure every Veteran receives every one of their VA benefits as quickly, and with as little cost as possible. Simply put, we hold the government accountable to the square deal promised to all disabled Veterans. We provide the highest quality advocacy for Veterans and their families that need assistance with fighting for VA benefits.


Choosing a representative for your VA disability claims and appeals can be a tough decision. There are many factors that go into making the decision, and you should hire an advocate that makes you feel comfortable and can answer your questions. Our firm brings both personal and professional experience to the VA appeals process, and the firm offers an unparalleled client experience. We will use cutting edge technology to partner with you to present your story in the most effective manner.


Jonathan is a United States Army Veteran who dedicates his life to serving Veterans and their families. Jon founded Veteran Esquire Legal Solutions after serving a 15-month combat deployment to Iraq. After separating from service, he earned a law degree from a top-100 law school. He has served as an attorney for a federal government agency and managed a Veterans Benefits Program for a “Big 6” Veteran Service Organization. To learn more about Jon, please click the link in his bio. This will be a pdf link to expanded bio for those who want to read more about you.

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